Enlisted Spouses' Club

Fort Meade, Maryland

The Fort Meade ESC is a diverse group of spouses from all branches and phases of life, representing a variety of skills, talents, abilities and interests. From newlywed to retiree, from new parent to empty nester and everywhere in between. We strive to support one another and we also support and give back to the community through fundraisers, donations, our Children's Holiday Party, scholarships and many other ways. There's always something going on, so join today and make new friends, enjoy new experiences, and have a blast!

The purpose of the organization is to promote social and cultural activities for its members, and to support worthwhile services and community welfare projects with an emphasis on our Military Community.

Why should you join?

  • Attend fun and informative monthly membership meetings.
  • Attend special 'members only' functions.
  • Meet other great spouses who can specifically relate to you.
  • Help pass the time during the deployments.
  • Enjoy a few hours away from home--all of us need some 'me' time!
  • Receive a great  newsletter filled with wonderful information.
  • Participate in an organization whose focus is giving back to the Fort Meade community.
  • Be involved in a great military tradition as spouses' clubs have been around for many years.
  • Be fulfilled by volunteering with a wonderful organization.
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Join us the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm at Heritage Park Community Center, located at

4242 Doyle Ct. Fort Meade, MD 20755 (near the Burger King).  Location and time subject to change.  Please visit our website for updated information or Email Membership@ftmeadeesc.org for more details.
4242 Doyle Ct. Fort Meade, MD 20755

Look what's coming up in the ESC!

A job well done to the Enlisted Spouses' Club

for being recognized as 2015 Organization of the Year!

We are truly proud of you and all of your successes!

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Armando Batista for being recognized as 2015 Family of the Year!

Congratulations to Jasmine Johnson for being recognized as 2015 Youth of the Year!

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