Enlisted Spouses' Club

Fort Meade, Maryland

We have a Club for you!

We read classic books, new novels, memoirs... you name it!

 And you don't need a degree in literature to join. Book Club is a wonderful opportunity for having meaningful discussions with others while getting a chance to get out of the house and make new friends! 

Join our Book Club Facebook Group to know 

more details about meetings and the books we are reading! 

It’s true what they say…breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and it only gets better when you have it with good friends! 

Grab just coffee or a good chat, we will meet 

the very first Friday of the month at 9:30AM, 

look out for our Facebook Page for location and information up-to-date.

We meet monthly at member's house for an evening of fun and laughs! 

The $15 each player pays goes towards our Working Fund and either vendor or cash prizes. Members can sign up to be a regular or substitute player. Experience is not needed. Come to win or simply for a night out! 

For dates, theme and more information, join the Bunco Facebook Page.


The Craft Club is here with the purpose of fun get togethers 

while we work on our favorite projects!. 

Bring your creations, from wood, to metal, fabrics, beads, paint, and more.

For dates and more information, join the Craft Club Facebook Page

Do you have a good voice or know how to play an instrument?

Come share your talent with us!

The Crabettes are currently looking for someone to lead the group, 

if you are interested join the Crabettes Facebook Group and send a message to President@FtMeadeESC.group


Whether you crochet, knit, cross-stitch, make nail-string art or another amazing yarn-based craft, this is the group for you! 

Bring your supplies and get ready for some fun!

Do you want to learn a yarn craft?!?! This is also a great group for you! 

We have ladies in the group that are always willing to teach.

For dates and more information, join the Yarn Club Facebook Page